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Moravian Moves Festival 2022
Van Woensdag, 17 Augustus 2022
Tot Zondag, 21 Augustus 2022
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300 jaar Moravian. Ben jij tussen 18 - 30 jaar, dan moet je erbij zijn. Ben jij 16/17 jaar, dan ben je ook van harte welkom(onder begeleiding). Meld je zsm aan.

Locatie  Herrnhut
east Saxony

Project presentation Moravian Moves Festival – Herrnhut since 1722
It almost seems unreal that a small community, once a group of refugees, received by Count
Zinzendorf in the very east of Germany, is now celebrating their 300 years anniversary as a
worldwide church in 2022. The town Herrnhut will be hosting visitors from all over Germany,
Congregations from around the province, from different countries, continents and institutions
during this year. The anniversary itself is celebrated in one feast week in Herrnhut in June.
Before and after this week different events, like concerts, visits and talks take place in Herrnhut,
in relation to the 300 years anniversary. The nationwide children and youth work of the
Moravian Church in Germany is planning in this regard a great event for the youth. The
“Moravian Moves Festival” will take place in August as an international youth festival in
The “Moravian Moves Festival” will be organized by a team from the Moravian Church. This
Team consists of three full-time youth workers, two local children and youth employees, as well
as five volunteers, who are forming the steering committee. There are several more volunteers,
who are part of sub-committees.
Herrnhut, the place of establishment of the Moravian Church, is turning 300 Years in 2022.
Since three years, people are planning great events for this occasion. The youth workers decided
to plan a great international youth festival on request of the Provincial Boars of the European
Continental province of the Moravian Church.
The plan is to let the Moravian youth from all over Europe and everyone, who is interested,
come together in the town of Herrnhut.
Time and place
The Moravian Moves festival is planed from the August 17th through August 21st
, 2022.
In more detail: one arrival day, one departure day and three full days of programme.
The venue is Herrnhut in east Saxony. The town has around 1.200 inhabitants. The main festival
venue, which consists of the festival meadow, the camping area, a conference house, the forest
and the garden at the Provincial Board office, is owned by the operator. Additionally used
venues belong to the Moravian Congregation Herrnhut, the Zinzendorf School and to the town
There is no direct train connection to Herrnhut. The next train stations are either in Löbau,
Zittau or Görlitz. The destination airport is Dresden DRS

Invited are young adults, age 18 to 30, from congregations of the 11 countries in Europe,
where Moravian Churches are present: Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Netherlands,
Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Czech Republic. The
participation of young people age 16 is only possible with a supervisor.
The participation fee costs for early birds 140 euros, for mid booking 160 euros and for late
booking 190 euros.
The festival theme has two sections.
Theme 1: Creation
Creation is one of the greatest topics in the Bible, which is still very modern. Especially due to
the climate change, preservation of creation was never more important. In this regard
sustainability will be one of the great discussed topics during the festival.
But the theme of “creation” is not exhaustes by considering sustainable living.
It offers many colourful images and possible connections such as “live in fullness”, “origin of
being”, “paradise”, “fall” etc.
These topics will deal with theologically and socially critical issues. Due to the fact that this
festival is being celebrated in this way for the first time, we can find the theme creation in itself.
We will create something new.
Theme 2: Moravian Church
For the first time, this festival offers young people and adults from the Moravian Church to
meet each other in such a great number.
This is a great opportunity to experience the worldwide church and grow closer together.
Because of that, we will put the focus on encounter, mutual acquaintance and the exchange.
The festival can give space to rediscover our origins together, find more similarities and to
discuss themes that are important to the Moravian Church worldwide.
The different cultural backgrounds of the participants will also be processed in different creative
workshops. Youth Worker Florian Vollprecht Tel: +49 (0) 162 3798643 E-Mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. Youth Worker Ivonne Stam Tel: +49 (0) 160 90284264 E-Mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.